• Grades 1-3   December 3, 2016   9:00 am-2:00 pm
  • Grades 4-6  Jan 28, 2017   9:00 am- 2:00 pm

Learn to be an Actor!

Experienced North theatre students will use fun drama games and activities to teach kids how actors prepare for the parts they play.  Among the areas to be covered are: 

  • Body Awareness
  • Creating Characters
  • Finding Your Hidden Voices
  • ActorSpeak (how to talk like an actor)
  • Moving Like Magic

Totally Techie

Through a hands-on approach, learn about what happens backstage in the theatre.  Discover interesting techniques: 

  • Now You See It, Now You Don’t (lighting)
  • Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day - On Stage It Took Two (scene design)
  • Painting the Play
  • What To Wear? (costume and make-up)
  • Sound Secrets

The Play's the Thing

Participants will incorporate what they have learned by preparing a short play to perform at the end of Drama Day for family and friends on the North High School Stage!  Please plan on joining us at the end of the day!



  • Grades 6-8 May 13, 2017 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Learn how to Improv!

Improv comedy is one of today’s hottest forms of entertainment. Discover the tricks to effective improv and have fun playing hilarious games based on audience suggestions. Members of North’s popular improv troupe, IMPROVEDY will lead the workshop.

Learn How Actors Fight on Stage

Whether you are performing in Shakespeare or the latest martial arts movie, creating realistic yet safe fight scenes is a skill every actor needs to know.  Learn the basics of unarmed stage combat from simple slaps to fancy falls. 


Drama Day will conclude with a public performance for family and friends on the North High School stage.  The show will include a choreographed stage combat routine and comedy improv show!