MARCH 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 2014 AT 7:00 PM

MARCH 8, 9, 15, 16, 2014 AT 1:00 PM

Admission $12

SHREK THE MUSICAL tells the story of a swamp-dwelling ogre who goes on a life-changing adventure  through a kingdom filled with fairytale misfits  in order to reclaim the deed to his land. Joined by a wisecracking donkey, this unlikely hero fights a fearsome dragon, rescues a feisty princess, and learns that real friendship and true love are not only found in fairy tales. Full of all-new songs, great dancing and an important message about acceptance and following your heart, SHREK THE MUSICAL is part romance, part twisted fairy tale and all irreverent fun for everyone!

North’s production features a cast, crew, and orchestra of more than 100 students as well state of the art projection technology, elaborate scenery and breathtaking original costumes. 

Even though it is based on a popular children’s story, this is a full-fledged, professional Broadway musical with an amazing score, engaging characters, and a very moving story.  It’s entertaining for children while being smart and poignant for adults.  Our production contains a lot of original staging and several wonderful surprises never seen before in any previous production of SHREK.  We’ve pulled out all the stops on this one.