The Pirate Queen

2018 - The Pirate Queen

  • Cast A—Libby, Grace, Dylan, Ali, Kelly
  • Cast B—Margaux, Lexi, Jack, Sidney, Alayna

THE PIRATE QUEEN is an epic musical adventure celebrating the legendary Irish Chieftain Grace O'Malley. Based on her real-life story, Grace is a compelling, inspiring heroine who led an extraordinary life as a pirate, lover and mother in 16th-century Ireland. To protect her people and save her one true love, O'Malley must confront the one woman more powerful than her — her fierce rival, Queen Elizabeth I of England.

From the writers of LES MISERABLES and MISS SAIGON, THE PIRATE QUEEN combines classic storytelling and a sweeping score, with the powerful, vibrant traditions of Irish dance and song, to create a modern musical event that is both an historic romance and a timeless epic.

North’s premiere production features a cast, crew, and orchestra of more than 100 students as well an elaborate scenic design featuring state of the art visual projections, thrilling Irish dancing, swashbuckling sword fights and breathtaking period costumes,

North theatre director, Ron Parker, states, “We are so incredibly honored to be able to present the Wisconsin premiere of this new musical.  There have only been a couple of professional regional productions performed in the United States since the show closed on Broadway. In fact, North was given rights to the show even though it is not yet available for amateur production in the states!  It is an amazing opportunity to bring this incredible work to Wisconsin.  THE PIRATE QUEEN, above all, is a story about the empowerment of women.  Both Grace O’Malley,  who became a heroine and leader of her people in their struggle for independence against England, and Queen Elizabeth I, who became the most powerful ruler in the world, refused to accept the limitations and restrictions that society placed on them based on their gender.  Their struggle against each other and the conventions of their time leads to a dramatic face to face meeting between the Queen of England and the Pirate Queen which is truly a legendary moment in history.  In this age of Wonder Woman and Time Magazine’s focus on women as their ‘Person of the Year,’ THE PIRATE QUEEN is a musical which seems ripped from today’s headlines. ”

Parker also states that THE PIRATE QUEEN provides unique opportunities for students not normally available in a musical.  “The show was originally commissioned by the creators of Riverdance.  It contains several moments of traditional Irish dancing that the kids are having a blast learning,” he said.  “We just happen to have a student, Will Scheffler, who is a world-class Irish dancer—having competed three times at the World Championships.  He is choreographing and dancing in the production.  Students are also undergoing extensive sword training for several high energy combat scenes.  It’s going to be an amazing production!” 

Performances are March 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, at   7:00 P.M. and March 10, 12 and 17 and 18 at 1:00 P.M.  Admission is $15.00.  March 8th and 15th feature discount prices of $12.00.  Box office will open beginning in February.   All seats are reserved.  For ticket information, contact the North Theatre Office at 997-3994 or by e-mail .  For further information about THE PIRATE QUEEN contact Parker at